Yacht Details

Thought Yacht Details

  • Description

    This Yacht is Phenomenal to throw your event!!!! We have a ton of space and is essentially a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Luxury Apartment on the water!   Full fridge, Bar area, 2 Coolers, Galley (Kitchen) , and EPIC Sony Wireless Bluetooth Sound system with 12 speakers throughout the Yacht. 3 TVs, Washer/Dryer and New Additions being added monthly, To be honest by the time you’re reading this there are new things.

    You won’t find a Yacht like this in San Diego! We have a Jungle Ocean on the rear deck that lights up during night events which makes it very fun and is such a vibe. All of your friends or colleagues can come aboard comfortably and safely enjoy a cruise on San Diego Bay! Book soon as prices will Rise as we are becoming the Top All inclusive Luxury Yacht Charter in San Diego fast!

  • Boat Information

    • Make: 1994 Carver Yacht
    • Length: 50′
    • Cabins: 2
    • Heads: 2
    • Engine: Twin Inboard Diesel Engines
    • Sound System: Bluetooth Sound System Throughout
  • Charter Information

    • Cost: From $350+/Hour
    • Durations:
      • Weekends are more expensive than weekdays. Contact us for any questions; will reply fast!
      • 3-hour Minimum required for mornings
    • Departure: San Diego Bay (Currently we Pick up at Pepper Park Dock (3299 Tidelands Ave, National City, CA 91950
    • Departure Time: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to ensure a prompt departure
    • Departure Cancelation: Please do not be late as Captain may cancel your event if 30 min past departure time from Dock.
    • Dress Code / What to Bring:
      • Wear casual, comfortable swimwear, boating attire.
      • Bring sunscreen, towels, layers if required.
    • Catering: Available upon request at an additional cost, but you can bring your own upon request.
    • Beverages: You can bring your own upon request.   No Red Wine or Red Color juices as they may stain the yacht.
    • Included:
      • A Captain and Deckhand/ Beverage Host is provided by the owner to host and operate the trip.
      • Drinking Water.
      • Ice and use of 2 Large Coolers.
      • Blankets.
      • Bluetooth sound system.
      • Lifejackets (adult only).
      • BBQ upon request.
    • Available Add-ons:
      • DJ
      • Catering
      • Massage Therapy
      • Photographer / Videographer
      • Decorations
  • Booking Policy

    By Bookings with us you agree to our Booking Policy Below:

    //Changes and Cancelations from our end// Safety is our number 1 priority. If for any reason (weather or mechanical related), going out on the day of your trip is considered unsafe, we reserve the right to change or cancel the trip. This could happen up to 12 hours prior to your departure time. We will email you or call you to discuss an alternative date. If you decide no not to reschedule your trip we will give you a full refund – no questions asked

    //Changes and Cancelations from your end// You can change your reservation with no additional cost up to 14 days prior to your trip. In the same way, if you cancel your reservation up to 14 days prior to your trip, you’ll get a full refund. Cancelations less than 14 days of your trip, as well as no-shows and late arrivals, don’t get a refund. Late departures caused by a previous trip and/or seasickness during the trip won’t grant you any refunds. No following captain’s rules and the Do’s and Don’ts will immediately end your trip and don’t grant you any refunds.

    //Refunds// Refunds are issued on your payment method within 2-3 business days after the day of the trip for weather or mechanical-related situations and customer cancelations up to 14 days after the scheduled trip date.

    //Video /Photograph release// By booking through this website you grant us the irrevocable and permission to use photographs and/or video recordings of you and your guests on our social media, promotional videos or photos, etc., as well as waive the right to approve the final product. All such content will remain our property. We are very reasonable about this and if you request during the trip not to take pictures we will respect that as much as possible.

  • Pick Up Location

    Approximate Pick Up Location

  • Arrival

    Thought Yachts departs from the San Diego bay. Guests may arrive up to 30 min prior to departure time. **Per request, the host may arrive one hour prior to set up and decorate the boat as needed.

  • Set Course

    A cruise around San Diego Bay; through Downtown, and then back to anchor near the Coronado Golf Course in Glorietta Bay, Coronado.

  • Anchor

    While anchored in Glorietta Bay, guests are free to swim, drink, dance and lounge on the boat while mingling and enjoying the day.

  • Cruise San Diego Bay

    We cruise San Diego Harbor and Bay with the backdrop of the Coronado Bridge and Downtown skyline.

  • End Tour

  1. No paper or sanitary products are to be flushed down the toilet(s) while docked or during the boat ride.  This includes all toilet paper, napkins, and any feminine hygiene products.   Disposal of such will be placed in the wastebaskets provided.
  2. Going #2 in the toilet(s) is not permitted.  Please go prior to your boat ride.
  3. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT if the toilet gets clogged and unusable during the boat ride that the person responsible will be charged $500 damage fee immediately upon completion of the boat ride.   If the person responsible cannot be identified or refuses to pay, the charter host will be charged the $500 fee upon completion of the boat ride.
  4. The vessel is not a fishing boat, therefore no fishing will be permitted during the boat ride or while docked.
  5. No shoes or sandals are permitted on the vessel and will be collected prior to boarding.   All footwear will be returned once you disembark.
  6. There is no standing or sitting on deck windows, hatches, fiberglass canopy, or railings.
  7. No pets are permitted on the vessel.
  8. No glassware or non-plastic dinnerware is permitted on the vessel.  Only plastic, cans, or paper are permitted.
  9. No food or beverage will be left unattended while below deck on the vessel.
  10. No “red” beverages are permitted on the vessel.   This includes, but is not limited to, red wine, mixers, juices.
  11. No jumping off the vessel while underway is permitted and should this occur by any passenger, the boat ride will be immediately terminated and any and all payments forfeited.
  12. No drugs and drug use are permitted on the vessel whether underway or docked.   Should this occur by any passenger, the boat ride will be immediately terminated and any and all payments forfeited.
  13. No smoking is permitted below deck (including Vaping).
  14. California law requires children under the age of 13 to wear a life jacket while underway on the vessel (unless in an enclosed cabin).   Life jackets for children under 13 can either be supplied by the parent/guardian OR supplied by THOUGHT YACHTS LLC prior to the boat ride date/time (see https://www.boatus.org/life-jacket-loaner/).
  15. In the event that THOUGHT YACHTS LLC, THEIR OWNERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, AND ASSOCIATED PERSONNEL, AND THEIR BOATS (WHETHER OWNED, OPERATED, LEASED OR CHARTERED) determines that damage or loss was caused to the yacht and/or its contents during the period of your arrangements as a result of your gross negligence or reckless conduct, you will be liable to us for all losses and damages incurred by us as a result.